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I didn't list any years for the distributor change out did I?
Try a 258 Jeep from 82 for the distributor if you go to the dealership to get one, There was a slight change in housing design in mid-81, and the 82 will have the update.
If you get one from Auto Jerks, you will get what they give you...
Don't use that part number. That's for a V-8 if I'm correct....

Call the dealer ship and ask for the part number and price so you have a guideline to go by.
There is always the salvage yards for used stuff...

Compair the bottom halves of the distributors very closely before install. Check the gear and oil pump drive in particular.

Ignition module is any Dura Spark box, 78 or newer, with a blue grommet.
The grommet is the plastic thing that connects the wires to the case.

You will need to check out the parts lists for the V-8 article for the correct wiring harness connectors to make your wiring harness.
All the wiring harness connectors are the same for V-8 or I-6. So are the coils, can or TFI, and modules.

This help?

Later, and good luck. Aaron.

If Chris Columbus "Discovered" America (with 25 million already here), Can I Go "Discover" Florida?

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Book timing is a baseline thing that has a lot of variables.
Keep the timing the same, or you can be brave, and bump it up three or four degrees at a time until the jeep starts to spark knock, then back the timing down two degrees at a time until it stops knocking. If you get gas from more than one place, back it down two more degrees, and lock it down.
You want to run as much timing as you can with out spark knock or detonation.
The more timing, the more power and economy.
Detonation kills, and will probably show up at part throttle under load, so keep the radio turned down while you are tuning!

Remind your mechanic to get a late model service manual, and install the new distributor in the same orientation as the 82 jeep.
All of your ignition specs will be the same as the later model.
Stay with plugs for your year model. You can go up or down in heat range if you want to.

If anything else comes to mind, just ask, one of us can probably help you...

Later, Aaron...

About dinner...
Don't offer if you don't mean it! I get to Clearwater on a regular basis! And I love Crabby Bills!
Red lobster just isn't the same after living in the Keys...
I do so miss Stone crab claws and Smoked fish spread from Crabby Bill's....
Later dude, Aaron.

If Chris Columbus "Discovered" America (with 25 million already here), Can I Go "Discover" Florida?
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