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Hope someone can help.

I need an EGR valve for my 83 CJ7. My biggest problem is I don't have the old one to compare it to. I picked one up at O'Reilly and the bolt pattern is way different. They are ordering another for me to look at tomorrow. Even the parts guy said I need the old one to compare it to because they have different size plungers, orphices etc.. Is there any way you can know which one I might have had just by the year or VIN of my CJ?

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1. NAPA: [*] Item#: CRB23055C [*] Price: $ 66.99
2. Before you repalce it,
3. Try cleaning it up with Carb Cleaner and Scotchbrite,
4. It's supposed to be closed, and
5. Only open when enabled.
6. What's the problem?


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The problem is:

1. I don't have an EGR Valve. (lost during the 2.5 years this project has been going on)

2. We have emissions checks now
3. I would like to drive my CJ on a regular basis
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