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Has a 258 jeep engine ever existed without carb problems, have had the carb rebuilt on my 1980 cj5 and it runs fine on the hwy but at idle it emits black smoke and misses. I don't want to go the weber route, is there another cure. Is there any other carb that will cure this problem.

Thanks, DJ


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This is probably the most asked question on this board, and personally I don't understand it. I have an
'80 and it came with the 258 but I never had any carb problems. I rebuilt it once because it was filthy
black inside the throat but it ran fine before and after the rebuild. I didn't have enough power so I went
to a 390cfm four barrel. That appeased me for a while, then I yanked the whole engine and dropped in
a TPI out of a Firebird.

I have often wondered about using the Holley bug spray on the 258, these were a popular carb for hot
VW engines back when I was driving my dune buggy. Another popular choice for the VW was the
progressive 2 barrel from a Pinto, but I think it would be too small for the 258. The Stromberg 97 was
popular back in the '50s but I don't know how you would ever find one or how it would work on a Jeep.
Maybe Dave still has one laying around that you could try.


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I bought an OEM remanufactured carb from Autozone for $143. Best money I've spend yet.

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