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I've heard a rummor that I need verified. This is what I've heard concerning Carb/Intake for a 258 Jeep I6:

use an aftermarket intake manifold with a two barrel adapter and a two bbl carb for more horsepower and torque than using a four bbl carb. One of my sources thinks you need to use a Ford (2300???) 2bbl carb.

Has anyone heard this before or have any experience or comments?

Thanks, and please email me with any info at work ([email protected])

Thank you

Archie Gallup
Bath, Maine

78 CJ-5 - 258/T18a/D20 - 33x12.5 Super Swampers
01 XJ - 4.0L/NV3550, 235 Muds, Class III Hitch, C4x4 Front Tow Shackles


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Are you referring to the use of a Motorcraft (Ford) 2100 2-bbl carb.? This is becoming a fairly common swap for the 258 engine. Depending on your current setup, you may or may not have to use an aftermarket intake manifold. As long as your current carb. is a 2-bbl, you should be able to get away with using a carb adapter (Mr. Gasket part #1937 or Summit part #TRD-2086).

The Motorcraft 2100 series carb. comes in 3 different models which all have different CFM ratings. The model you would want to look for is the carb. that has the number "1.08" in a small circle on the driver's side of the float bowl. This represents the lowest CFM rating of 200 that should work the best for you.

The Motorcraft 2100 series carb. can be found on numerous vehicles. Here is just a small sample of vehicle with the engines you might want to check:
AMC: 304
FORD: 302, 330, 350, 360, 351, 390, 400, 429

Hopefully some of the above info answers a couple of your questions.

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