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Hey Guys,

I am trying to determine what year engine/head is in my 79-CJ-7. The valve cover is held on by 3 bolts on the passenger side that go through the valve cover into the head, one bolt in the front that goes through the valve cover into the head, and 4 bolts with big washers (looks factory) that dont go through the valve cover but the washers seat into a recessed area of the cover and hold it onto the cracked plastic cover onto the head. Any ideas or comments on this???


Kevin Speicher
New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ-7

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What you descibe sure sounds like a 258 head, but you really need to give us the head number that is on the side of the head.
I have not looked at my head for a while, so I can't really help you locate it though. Try either a chilton or haynes repair manual as
it should have the location in the front. If you supply that someone here should be able to help you.
Good Luck,

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