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250R jetting, premix, and wheels for sale

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Does anybody know a way to jet a 2-stroke that doesn't include hopping on the quad and ripping through all the gears? I never have
that much room to work with, and since I'm new with a 2-stroke, I don't know what it's supposed to feel like.

Also, does anybody know what premix ratio PJ1 recommends? I run 32:1 now and somehow I freak people out. (they say I should
run 50:1)

Also, I have a set of offset 10x5 champion beadlocks for sale for Hondas. They have a few nicks in the rings, but that's it.
I want 225.00. Anybody interested, e-mail me.


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Through my experience, in neutral, with the incorrect(lean in my case)a motor may sound to be running good when you twist the throttle, but as soon as you ride it under load, you will find out otherwise. You need to ride it to find out for sure. Or you can get some tips from someone that has a similarly equiped machine as you, and run what they run.

32:1 is safe. Thats what i run. Ignore those people that run 50:1. The less oil you use, the less lube your engine bearings will see. That means shorter engine life.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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