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232 or 258? how to tell?

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anyone know how to tell the difference between the two AMC 6 cylinders? also, what sort of compression should a healthy 232/258 have?

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I have never seen a 232 but I was told the exhaust manifold is on the passenger side unlike the 258 which has both intake and exhaust on the drivers side. As far as compression ratio I had my head milled a little in my 86 cj-7. The engine builder got me around 9 to 1 (I'm going of memory but I think stock 8.5 to 1) was I run a comp cam, weber, header, and GM HEI ignition with a tf999 automatic. With this setup I have to run 89 or higher octane. So I spend a few more cents a gallon but I don't have to run premium 91 octane unless I'm playing hard or pulling a trailer.

there is no visible difference between a 258 or 232. All a 258 is, is a stroked 232. On the passenger side above the fuel pump
there should be a flat surface with either the letter A or the letter E. If it is an E then it's a 232 if it's an A then it's a 258. The crank
is the big difference in these engines. Hope this helps!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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