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229 Chevy V-6 swap happening this weekend....

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I've checked with Advanced Adapters and the motor mounts are the same as the ones for the 4.3/5.0/5.7 and other Chevy Small Blocks. I plan to keep the SR-4 (it might accidently be a T-4, but I doubt it) for a short period of time (getting a SM420 next month) and eventually either wack out the 229 or get a a V8 of some form or another. Has anyone else done this swap?? I just want to know if there is going to be any problems (I know I might have to get a clutch and flywheel, but I am hoping I don't). Let me know.....

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I have done a Chevy 229 V6 swap. Some interesting notes,

1. The front of the Chevy 229 V6 motor will accept all standard small block chevy stuff, water pump, alternator brackets, and power steering brackets.
2. The Edelbrock Quadrajet intake mainifold for a 4.3 Chevy V6 will fit the Chevy V6 229. The factory Dual Jet 2 barrel carburetor is a wimp of a carburetor for performance!
3. The flywheel is going to be trouble! Not many Chevy 229 V6 had a manual transmission flywheels. I had a Camaro V8 flywheel rebalanced to match the balance of the old Chevy 229 V6 automatic transmission flex plate. Should be no problem for a machine shop that balances engines.
Hope this helps

You guys seem to know a little bit about engine conversions and such so I guess I will post this here...Anyone have any idea where I can get some good information about the 4.3L v6...I have one in my jeep and I want to know what the differenece are between the Carburated version and the TBI version...

I do not know of a web site that has information on the Chevy 4.3 V6. The basic engine is the same between the carbureted and fuel injected engines. The newer 4.3's would most likely have roller camshafts. To the best of my memory the 4.3 was computer controlled Quadrajet carburetor only in 1985, from then on fuel injected. An interesting note, the intakes are interchangable between the fuel injected and carbureted engines. I'm not sure about the Vortec version 4.3. In the small block chevy V8's there are differences between Vortec and non-Vortec engines.


Thanks for all your help. The motor still isn't in, but it is getting close (finishing it this weekend). I ended up findind a 153 toothed 13" (from gear tooth to gear tooth) flywheel from some 68 Chevy V8. I am also putting a better 2 barrel on it from a 305 (guy went with a 4 barrel). I ended up having to get a clutch for a 68 307 that was 10 splined, 1 1/8" shaft by 10 3/8" wide. I did however, find out that a typical Mustang clutch (for the 5.0) will fit with some modifications of the clutch splines. There measurements are 10 splies, 1 1/16" shaft by 10 1/2" wide. By grinding down the splines a TAD you could use one.


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