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The same way guns revolutionized war, cars changed cities and horses gave way to tractors, off-road vehicles have changed the way we hunt. With the capability to transport crucial gear across some of the roughest terrain, ATVs and UTVS allow hunters to get into the field with their best equipment in tow without having to worry about straining against heavy, bulky items attached to their body.

We got to experience this capability first hand at the Honey Brake Lodge outside of Alexandria, LA, where a roughly 60-day waterfowl season means that every one of their off-road machines has a 5am wake up call for two months straight. Honey Brake has come to depend on UTVs to sustain its primary purpose, and the lodge only trusts one brand to get them to and from the blind every day: Polaris.

Check out the review here: 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Review:
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