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Pickup trucks are huge business in the US and having decent off-road credentials has to be part of every single truck's skillset. While trucks like the Colorado ZR2, Ford Raptor and Ram Power Wagon exist to ferry hard core off-road drivers over ruts and rocks, stock half-tons are expected to at least handle dirt trails and rough roads. But which handles them best?

We gathered together the half-ton pickups from the big three American automakers to see which is the best when you take it off-road. Each is a 2018 model, crew cab trimmed in top luxury duds, save the Silverado Z71 LTZ which could have been made slightly nicer with the High Country trim.

We also put 7,000-pounds behind each of the trucks and drove them extensively empty, but at the end of our comparison, we're simply looking for the truck that will take you the furthest off-road.

For the full story, watch the video embedded below. Read on for our thoughts on the highlights of each truck.

Check it out here: 2018 Half-Ton Shootout F-150 vs Silverado vs Ram 1500:
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