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It was our pleasure to once again be the sponsor of a TreadLightly! Trail Restoration Project! This year we were at the entrance to Kane Creek trail where over the years people have made the trail wider and have cut a new route in the creek area.

What better way to start off the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks than to give back by helping build fencing to keep riders on designated trails to preserve existing trails for everyone.

This project was made possible thanks to the good people at TreadLightly!, BLM, Discount Tire, Camp Chief, and Rugged Radios.

TreadLightly! Is a non-profit origination that works tirelessly to help organize clean ups and restoration projects to keep public land open to all types of responsible recreation.

TreadLightly! and Discount Tire have worked together for many years on trail restoration projects like this one along with clean up projects to help minimize the impact to our public lands. One thing that is often overlooked with maintaining trails is how quickly a trail can get out of control as it only takes one rider to go off trail and create new tracks, then the next rider comes along, sees the tracks and follows until this now becomes an alternate route. By installing fencing to better define the trails we are helping to keep public access to these incredible trails.

For additional information about TreadLightly! please follow the link below:

The project this year was somewhat different than in the past. This go round we were instructed to dig holes with post hole diggers, plant poles then drill holes in them to string cable to act as a fence. Once again as in the past we worked together as a group quickly complete our fence building project.

After we finished our project we took our amazing hand built Trail Support Trailer to a secure location at the trail head to cook lunch for all the amazing volunteers and sponsors that helped complete the restoration project.

After lunch Camp Chef gave away a fantastic camp stove to one lucky participant. This would have made a welcome addition to my camper but alas it was not to be.

With the project complete and our hunger satisfied thanks to Camp Chef it was time to head back to the arena to set up our display.

If you would like to see additional photos from our day helping with our trail restoration project click on the link below:

Remember to tread lightly and ride on designated trails!
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