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Nick Griner -- Mechanic of the Year -- The quote of the night

"It is what it is"

The Stronghold Motorsports team cleaned house at the 2012 LOORRS Awards

Stronghold Motorsports- Team of the year
Rj Anderson- 2012 Prolite Champion
Rj Anderson - Crash of the year
Rj Anderson- Driver of the year
Nick Griner- Mechanic of the year

Tom Fredrickson opened it up with a positive outlook on 2013.

Trevor Hocking accepting the award for the Lucas Oil Production Studios. He talked about the 30 million viewers that watch the 2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series over 5 networks! Props to Trevor and his team for pumping out the awesome TV shows!!

Probuggies- Greinke, Fortin and Cooley- Who was your top 3 guess at the beginning of 2012? This class is talent filled!

Over 500 people at Pala for the 2012 Banquet!

A Huge Thank You to Dan Horner of DH Graphics for getting these Bass Arse Championship trophies done!!

Pro4 Carl Renezeder, Hollywood Todds Mechanic, and Kyle Leduc,

Corr Weller said she reached her goals in 2012! Rookie of the year and to get on the podium!! She's looking to improve in 2013!!

WOW- 2012 Pro2 racing was epic with a ton of guys that have the talent to win!! Deegan pulled through with another Pro2 Championship! Who thinks Deegan can make it 3 in a row?

Myles Cheek fought hard to win the 2012 LOORRS Modified Kart Championship! He will try and defend it in 2013!! This class is ultra competitive and will be pumping out future Champions !!

Ryan Hagy and Drew Britt rounding out the Superlite division! Im bummed to see this class go but I do expect to see Hagy and Britt in the Prolite class.

Sheldon Creed- What can I say? I have watched this kid from some of his first races on four wheels. This kid sweats talent and I feel he will be towards the front of the Prolite pack all season. He will have a revamped Prolite program in 2013. He also has some heavy hitters behind him to take the program to the next level.

For the 2012 LOORRS Championship all the Champions received rings!

Patrick Clark! I feel he's one of the most underrated racers in the Pro2 class. Look out for him in 2013! He's fired up and looking to make a name for himself!

Junior 1 class. Look for these kids to step up to the Modified Class Soon!

Ken Stout and Cameron Steele had a great time as the Host. Opening it up to GANGNAM STYLE

Oscar from LoanMart made it out to the 2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Banquet! Thanks to all the sponsors that support the series

More Pics to come!
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