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I have a 1986 ATC200X. The person who had it before me put a 1984 carb on it (PD62). What is the difference between a Keihin PD62 and a PD64? Is there performance to be gained back here by switching back to the PD64? Also, what other alternative carbs could be put on my '86 200X to increase performance. Perhaps a PWK?? I am in the process of rebuilding the engine. Mild cam will be used in conjunction with decking the top of the cylinder by 1mm.




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I dont really know about the carbs...but I know how to get the most of the 200x...I got a BAD --- one!

I had it ported and polished, the head milled, an ultralite wiseco piston, a .030 over bore, web long duration cam, drilled holes in the airbox lid, 13(soon to have 14) tooth front sprocket, high performance clutch plates, and pull the baffle out of the will then have a 3 inch gains alot of low end power, rid yourself of your engine skid if you dont ride on rocks, if just normal use you dont need it, and it also has a custom bilstein rear is 4 sale for 1200$ is ugly front fender,rear is cracked, and the seat is torn...oh it also has a durablue axel(old one) and durablue wheelspacers...

It will go 75 in the bottom of 4th gear...never got it out of that gear...need to long of a straight stretch...none around here....most of the power is in upper 2nd and all thru 3rd....

This thing is MEAN.


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