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2009 Ford F-150 FiberwerX Extreme Trophy Truck Body


FiberwerX has recently completed a new generation Trophy Truck Body. The panel configuration is designed to fit most Trophy Truck platforms and will work with tires up to 40" tall. The hand shaped body was carved out of foam on the #50 FiberwerX Trophy Truck. Here are the listed specifications:

- Nose Track Width = 90" (front flare)
- Wheelbase = 120"-130" (designed for adjustability)
- Roof Dimensions (Width X Length)

Our new body system is modeled after a FORD 2009 F-150 Truck prototype vehicle. The grille, light, bumper valance, and cab closely matches the next Ford full-sized pickup. Our version features contours and bodylines that match the existing configuration, a slightly raised cowl for carbureted engines, easy visibility over the nose of the front clip, reverse scoops for stylish & aggressive body lines.

Our team designed several versions of the new 2009 Body on paper with skilled hand renderings. We collaborated on all aspects of the body considering input from Trophy Truck Drivers and the prep crew. The revised sample was then scanned for computer illustration and color simulations. We then submitted the rendering for another round of feedback.

The final product is solid and guaranteed to fit with proper installation. We recommend and specify using aircraft latching fasteners, stainless steel hardware, and machined fender washers.

For more information contact FiberwerX directly. We are entertaining custom projects, modifications, request, and 1-OFF requirements.

FiberwerX: Offroad Fiberglass Products
[email protected]

Here it is mounted on the FiberwerX #34 TT after a few modifications.

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