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2009 FiberwerX Extreme 6-Piece Trophy Kart Body
Santee - 06/19/09
FiberwerX has recently completed a new generation Trophy Kart Body. The panel configuration is designed to fit most "mini" carts including all Trophy Kart platforms specifically the Trophy Kart Elite / Modified, JR-1, and JR-2 Chassis'.

The hand shaped body was carved out of foam and was a collaborative design effort from several notable parties. FiberwerX listened to the Trophy Kart racers and prep crews to recognize the common problems and issues they were facing. After several consultations we had identified a clear and evident objective to work towards.

Visually, we have recreated the Trophy Kart's appearance by integrating the tasteful style and flare that FiberwerX is renowned for. Click Here: FiberwerX Offroad Fiberglass Products: Fenders, Bed Sides, Dashs, and Complete Body Kits to view the whole gallery.

Function, was our primary concern on this project. It was very apparent from the get-go that most everyone was over the 1-piece skins that have been the standard since day one. We have addressed this issue with a true 6 piece panel configuration.

- The roof piece features two rigid slots that flow front to back right into a rear overhang to mount a row of LED brake and amber lights.

- The front nose is a sharp looking "1-piece" style panel that will provide easy visibility over the nose. This will overlap the side skins, creating clean and near seamless body lines.

- The side panels feature a dropped in type of gill that is closely similar to what is seen on the FiberwerX Trophy Truck Body. It also doubles as a step for your little ones. The body skin will overlap the roof panel to achieve the cleanest possible finish possible.

- The FiberwerX Trophy Kart bedsides continue all body lines and contours to finish off the body in common FiberwerX style.

- Easily modifiable to adapt to your existing configuration, we designed and constructed the Trophy Kart Body to mount in the same fashion as you are accustom to.

We supplied our first prototype to Kal-Gard's Trenton Briley. His team was stoked and were noted to say "It is exactly what we asked for! Lighten it up a bit and it will be perfect. You guys nailed it right out of the box."

We promise fit, finish, and quality with the affordable option to purchase individual pieces at a just a margin of the cost that a full 1-piece body would cost. The FiberwerX Trophy Kart body is available in black gel coat upon request. The final product is solid and guaranteed to fit with proper installation. We recommend and specify using high quality fasteners, stainless steel hardware, and machined fender washers.

For more information contact FiberwerX directly. We are entertaining custom projects, modifications, request, and 1-OFF requirements.

FiberwerX: Offroad Fiberglass Products
[email protected]
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