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2008 Rockwell Rockbuggy For Sale $22000.00

2008 Rockwell Rockbuggy $22000.00
Chevy Small Block 400 with serpentine pully system, Got Propane injection, one 7 gal. see through fiberglass propane tanks and one alum 7 gal. Tank on board, Summit Alum. Racing Radiator and fan, Tubro-400 transmission with Art Carr shifter and Summit Racing Tranny Cooler, 203/205 transfercases with ORD Gen-2 Doubler with triple stick, 2-1/2 ton shaved Rockwells with Overson Enginering 16 spline alloy shafts and spools, PSC 3" double ended steering ram, POS Load Reactive Orbitrol Valve, POS Dry Mod P Style Pump, POS Cooler Filter Resivor Unit, Setrab 920 Oil Cooler, Overall wheel base 91" Overall length 108", Pinion brakes front and rear, Willwood 3/4" high volume Master Cylinder, Willwood pedals, 2.5" Fox 18" travel air shock, Limiting straps all four corners, Poly Performance Lg. Flex joints on upper and lower link bars, 46" Micky Thom Claws, Hummer double Beadlocks with USA 6x6 weld in rings and ploy insert rings, 8274 Warn winch front and rear with synthetic rope and 12-Volt Guy switches in dash, Jazz Poly Pro high back seats with 4-point harness, Quick disconnect steering wheel, Line lock on front axle. The buggy is built from 1-1/4" sch. 80 with 2" sch.80 4-link bars. Buggy weight is 5080 lbs.

This Buggy is proven and will get you back to your trailer in one piece. I've tested it well. I am selling it to build a single seat with rear steer or "willing to trade for a smaller single seat or small two seat with rear steer". Contact Lynn at 360-201-3441 More pics avaible



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