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2004 Auto Show

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My son, Patrick, and I went to the Auto Show that is currently running here in Philadelphia and as you might expect, I spent a good amount of time in the Jeep section. I was a bit disappointed with the choice of concept Jeep on display there; it was the ICON, which is a concept several years old now.

They did have a Wrangler Unlimited (the stretched version)there and that looked interesting. They naturally had KJs and WJs also. They also had a Rubicon, which I was surprised to find out had a 4.0 engine. I thought they were changing to the 3.7 V-6. ( The moderator told me you can't get a Rubi with a 4 cyl.).

I had a long conversation with the moderator and it did come out that I had owned 2 XJs. He was interested in my opinion about the direction that Jeep was going in and I told him politely that I was disappointed that they were abandoning the SFA completely in favor of IPS on wagon bodied models. He then got out a form questionairre and proceded to interview me about what I liked about XJs in particular and the past Jeep product line.

I was heartened that Daimler-Chrysler actually wanted to hear what I had to say. There may be hope for the future of wagon bodied Jeeps slanted towards off roading yet. This is not a knock at the Liberty; I looked at several and actually like them. It's just thast some of us just prefer solid axles.
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