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My son, Patrick, and I went to the Auto Show that is currently running here in Philadelphia and as you might expect, I spent a good amount of time in the Jeep section. I was a bit disappointed with the choice of concept Jeep on display there; it was the ICON, which is a concept several years old now.

They did have a Wrangler Unlimited (the stretched version)there and that looked interesting. They naturally had KJs and WJs also. They also had a Rubicon, which I was surprised to find out had a 4.0 engine. I thought they were changing to the 3.7 V-6. ( The moderator told me you can't get a Rubi with a 4 cyl.).

I had a long conversation with the moderator and it did come out that I had owned 2 XJs. He was interested in my opinion about the direction that Jeep was going in and I told him politely that I was disappointed that they were abandoning the SFA completely in favor of IPS on wagon bodied models. He then got out a form questionairre and proceded to interview me about what I liked about XJs in particular and the past Jeep product line.

I was heartened that Daimler-Chrysler actually wanted to hear what I had to say. There may be hope for the future of wagon bodied Jeeps slanted towards off roading yet. This is not a knock at the Liberty; I looked at several and actually like them. It's just thast some of us just prefer solid axles.

Don't jump on the happy wagon yet. Despite the fact that the jeep brand was the only DC brand that showed profit this past year, DC has decided to monkey with it. A DC V/P was quoted in the paper last week, "not everyone needs a jeep capable of crossing the Rubicon" or words to that effect. The jist of his statement was that DC is considering offering models bearing the jeep label that will NOT be "trail rated".
I've owned a KJ and liked it. The newer models, however bear a front wheel drive transmission (warmed over to turn the rears) outta the 300m (i think). The first years used the same 45RE found in the Grands. Although the new tranny delivers more heat to the ground than did the 45RE, due to its decreased "spinning weight", it is a mother to service. You gotta drop the cross member and rear shaft just to change fluid and filter..... Add that to the impossible location of the oil filter and you got a vehicle that is pleasant to drive but a real SoB to live with.
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