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Just found out from the dealer that my 2002 Grand Cherokee has a slight leak at the front pinion seal. Seeing as I was there I had then give me an estimate for replacing it. Estimate came to about $140.00. Approx $28.00 for seal and 1.1 hours for labor at about $60.00. Rest of cost, tax, shop supplies etc. Debating on doing it myself. If I do I'll need to buy a beam or dial type inch pound torque wrench which isn't exactly cheap plus I don't have a hoist. Has anyone replaced a front pinion seal? What is your recommendation, do it myself or have the dealer do it. Seems if you don't get the torque right for preload you can end up replacing the crush sleeves, which looks like it is a major job, or end up running the differential. If the dealer screws up he's responsible if I screw up, well you know the consequences.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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