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Well I looked everywhere for a axle assembly for my 2002 Ford Explorer I was told by my mechanic that the part was on national back order...? I was not sure if that was possible, So I went and did my own search. Local Parts stores never even heard of the part. Ford doesnt sell the part either. So back to the internet and I tried the online parts stores and found the part at,,So i thought. I needed the drivers side rear axle assembly. Not difficult. Well all the online parts joints had several with no clear distinction on wich one was the rear or the front. So i finially get someone to say that this is the one you need. Ok sounds good. The part was 70 bucks and the core was 96 bucks. I get the part sent free shipping. I took it to the mechanic and was told it was for the front. So I go back to the online parts store and tell them they sent the wrong part. Send it back, I was told. Ok, why not just send me the correct part. Wellllll, we donot have that part. ???? So after 2 months i still do not have the cash in my account , I 'll get it, just a little hassel. Thats where the trouble starts..

Where can I get a rear driverside axles assembly? Must i buy a junk yard one or is there some place I can try. Looking for some help?

2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 4.0 6Cyl 4 Doors AC w/ cigarette Lighter

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