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Rode new 2000 Kodiak 4x4 for 30 miles this weekend along with my 95 mod wolverine, here are some notes for those interested,
kodiak goes about 50mph (no speedo ??? & forgot gps in cabin) compared to my wolv. (will check later)
it's fun to leave in 2wd for sliding (forgot that fun because of long time riding full time 4wd wolverine)
automatic is different (wife loves it) but does backshift good when going up hills and around washouts
can't wheelie like wolverine (mine is mod), excellent mud protection when hitting mud holes
nice ride, has preload adjustment to stiffen or soften up. I got used to not shifting, but wouldn't what to forever
2wd option is nice, due to steering is really easy in 2wd, my wolverine is hard on my injured hands at times.
can't compare in a drag race to my wolverine since mine is no longer stock, but I would say stock wolverine is
about even if not a tad slower than the new kodiak in a drag race. will be doing some gps speed measuring in
a few weeks. Kodiak is light compared to old kodiak (had one) but still heavier than wolverine, you can feel it
riding fast, but I could still leave the ground with all four wheels at the peak of some big whoops and not bottom out.
this machine looks to be fun, trade it for my wolverine........not quite yet, maybe when I'm older...yet.



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I didn't realize the Kodiak was a 4x4. Due to the fact that the dealers in this area stink really bad, I relied on the Net for all my info. Yamaha's website doesn't show it as a 4x4. I still would have probably picked the Wolv anyway because of the looks and weight, but I would have at least considered a Kodiak. Oh well, my fault.. Maybe Yamaha will make us a selectable 4x4 Wolverine some day so I can upgrade. Roosting is definately missed, and nearly impossible with the 4X.

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