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I have a 2000 XJ with 4.0l and Auto. Stopped and idling in drive with a cold engine causes a loud knocking type vibration -- from the rear end (I think). It goes away when I put it in neutral or accelerate.

Of course the dealer tells me he can't hear anything. (The same old story)

Any suggestions?


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'00 XJ


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I heard about a recall on the GC's due to some type of slippage in the rear diff/driveshaft components. This is common in the 1999 GC, but isn't supposed to hurt anything. However, on the GC, there is a "fix it kit" that the dealers are provided with.... I don't know about the Cherokee...

Now where did I see that... maybe on, and then choose carpoint, and look up recalls...

Jeeps stance was that with the improvement in sound dampening in their trucks, all the "little" noises are coming up (where they've) always been there...

Your description of the sound though, may NOT be the same thing. It could be your driveshaft is out of whack (i.e.: not trued)... does the car vibrate at all? Does this occur ONLY when cold? Are you sure it's from the rear end? How many miles are on the car? It could just be your engine breaking in... are you in 2wd or 4wd?

Good luck! Fight a lot with the dealership, if that doesn't work, then threaten to call Chrysler and complain about their service.....

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Thanks for your response. The noise happens in 2wd and it's definitely from the rear of the vehicle. It only happens when the jeep is cold and stopped in gear. At hwy speed its smooth as glass. There's only 5000km on the jeep. Its very perplexing -- perhaps an exhaust thing? Maybe tranny?

(Surprise -- I got it back from the dealer yesterday and they said they didn't hear anything)



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My 2000 GC has done the same thing a couple of times; in drive at a stop, engine idling. Feel like something in the rear end or brakes. Maybe we need to post on the Mid Size Jeep forum. Kinda feels like the late model Chevy pickups used to at a stop light. You would be at a light then it would feel like someone tapped your rear bumper; I think it was a rear diff prob.

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