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2000 Cherokee Classic

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Battery died on me during a cold spell. When I try to jump it or swap out the battery, the antitheft alarm horn is just blaring. Bought her used and don't know if the antitheft system is OEM or after market. The 2000 Cherokee does not have a key fob as the Grand Cherokee of the same year did, some most of the advice I'm finding on the Internet is useless and, stupid me, I didn't write down what I had to do the last time I replaced the battery. All I remember is there was some magic combination of putting the key in, the sequence of connecting the terminals, and something with the door locks. Anyone know? I'm driving my neighbors nuts trying to figure it out through trial and error!
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Update: Never found the magic combination that worked last time but I was able to take the time to find the alarm horn and trace the cables to the instrument cluster under the dash where I removed the jumper. I did reconnect it after the new battery was installed and no alarm, so success just the same!
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