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My wife's Jeep would stop cooling after it had been driven fr a awile and the engine had gotten warm. Checked pressures and they where good. Noticed however though that the clutch had stopped turning. Placed a screwdriver near the front armature and it had a good magnetic pull. Applied a slight pressure to the armature and it kicked right in and the compressor started working. Tried to purchase the 3 point spanner wrench and puller that the manual said was needed. No luck unless I wanted to buy a $170..00 kit. Decided to unbolt the compressor and get it up where I could work on it. Was able to remove the armature nut using my 2 point spanner wrench. Noticed there where no tapped holes in the armature for a puller, Having downloaded a Sanden manual I then knew that this was a splined armature and got ready to try and pry it off. It pulled off with almost no resistance. I noticed the back of the armature and the mating surface of the drive pulley where coated with surface rust. Power brushed the armature and used a stainless steel hand bruch on the interior of the pulley. Located a .012" shim also removed it. Manual tend to indicate smallest shim is .02. Long story short air conditioning is now working great will freeze you out of the Jeep on max with the fan on high.
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