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my 89 YJ has the little 15 gallon tank (thing is TINY)

a friend of mine got a 20 gallon tank from a later yj with a 4.0L

i see that the fuel pumps and sending units are all different part #'s. Is this just because of the electronics? Do they physically interchage? Can i use my existing fuel pump and sending unit with the newer 20 gallon tank?

i have a lock ring holding my fuel pump in, where as the new tanks have screws

any ideas??


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Kevin -

Can't say for sure but here are some things to check:

If the 20 gallon tank is taller, then you have at least 2 problems using your sending unit: 1)fuel pump won't be low enough, 2) gas gauge will be inaccurate.

If you have the 20 gallon sending unit, I think you could swap the pumps and then be all set.


Jim O'Brien
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