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2 qwesgens, fule and gov lock

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the first qwesgen i have is when i shift my truck it seems to bog down and take a few seconts to relley get going agen, its a 454 with heders domed pistons intake 750 cfm edelbroke k&n filter mield cam and with a 117 mm muncie trans. its geared relley low but it dosent seem like it could be lack of power, i heard it may be not enufe fule from the stock fule pump that its not geting enufe gass to the carb after the bowls are emptey its allways fine taking off, the other qwesgen is i have a 14 bolt ff rear axel with the stock gov lock and it works grate in the dirt but some times on dry pavement you can feall it go in and out of lock thare is a tsb that seas not to use gear lube aditive in the locking g 80 axel, that it will cause this, is the g 80 the same as the 14 bolt ff with gov lock?, when i put it in i put aditive in cuse i saw that it had clutch plates and i was tool that if it has clutches it needs aditive

thank you for eney help, sorey for the langht and lack of tiping skills
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All i can help you with is that the G-80 RPO code IS the so called "gov-loc" Limited slip.
thank you that helps alot, i dident want to not put it in and damage it but i was kinda thinkig that it wasent sopose to be in thare after i read that, it sead it can sorten its life span and iv herd thay dont last all that long eneyway
gov locks in a heavier axel will live fine. in a 10 bolt they are prone to breakage. I would use 75 90w synthetic like a mobil 1

on the the rest of it in good tune? if your fule pump was having problems keeping up it would have a tendency to "run out of fuel" You would go like hell then start to drop off or sputter.

First I would make sure everything is in good tune and the timing is correct. If that dosnt fix things. Then it sounds like your accelerator pump needs adjusted on the carb but its really hard to say. Get her in tune and then we can try to help you get the carb tuned if thats the issue(or figure out what the problem is anywho)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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