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I have a friend that just bought a project YJ he has the engine that comes with the TBI setup, but he has no TBI or computer.

Can he adapt the "Carb" intake from a mid 80's 2.5 and put on a carburetor? or should he try to cobble the TBI parts together? I am looking for the "EASY" way on this one.


i've got the intake manifold with throttle body and 4 injectors from a '93 2.5L YJ i believe, its the set up for MPI, was pulled with around 75K on the clock, its been sitting for a few years in my garage, but im sure it probably still works fine... let me know if your interested.. i dont have the computer or any other wiring for it tho, but the sensors that go on the throttle body are still there...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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