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I think the 2wd is gonna get you stuck. Race trucks HAVE TO be 2wd, but in real life that's a liability. I am also biased against the look.


97 up Ranger suspension is a bit more subjectively spendy to mod than the older. And just don't expect that dog to have more bark once you put weight on it. That said around San Bernardino, Riverside, CA I see this build a-lot.

I have had a few rangers, and what I think really works is the 4.0 with the TTB 4x4. The lift kits are priced like they are going out of style, and there are a lot of dead ones to scavenge. If lucky you even find busted built TTB broncos with ridiculously sweet kit ( like hydraulic bump-stops and cartridge shocks) and longer arms that you can "make work" to really just have a rock-monster that jumps, slides, etc. STILL SLOW THOUGH. But that's a ranger.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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