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Hey all, I'm fairly new to these forums, I'm not to keen on 4wd systems. I own a 1998 ford explorer sport, and I do quite a bit of off-roading with it. I have an issue that is new with this beast.

It has a 3 selector knob on the dashboard, -auto-4x4low-4x4high-

It seems auto works fine, and high works fine(4x4high light comes on instrument pannel, and I can feel it kick in), but when I engage it from auto, to 4x4 low, nothing happens, and I don't feel the truck do anyhting. If I go from 4x4high to 4x4low, nothing happens (stays in 4x4high), untill I go back to auto.

Any ideas on how I can try to attack this issue?

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Hmm, Sounds like you are making a common mistake with the Ford system.

You have to have the transmission in 'N' and your foot firmly pressed on the brake. Then Switch to Low and You'll then get a click and possibly a thud or ggrrrrthunk.... LOW RANGE!

To return to HI or Auto, you must repeat, 'N'-brake then rotate back to HI and you'll probably get a click from the dash and hear a clank as it shifts back to Hi/Auto.
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