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1997 Chevrolet silverado pre-runner help

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I am making my 97 chevrolet silverado 4x4 a prerunner. I am looking to raise the front 3"-4", but because its 4x4 I was told it would be expensive. It is stock right now with only shocks and no springs. I heard that a 4" spindle lift is inexpensive and I wouldent have to change out the A-arms or adjust anything differently. Would this be a good way to go or is there some other inexpensive options out there. Please help! thanks
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Spindle lifts are more for 4x2 trucks, not 4x4's. There are plenty of problems with setting up a 4x4 pre-runner, especially on a Chevy. For one, you have deal with the angles on the CV joints. I don't know how strong the front differential is either to handle the increased travel.

You'll also need to figure out a way to get rid of the torsion bars. Rock Krawler Suspension has something like what your looking for but they don't make the kit for the 1998 and earlier trucks (I have a '98 K1500).

You'll probably need longer a-arms, longer and stronger front axles and CV joints, coil-overs to replace the torsion bars, and a stronger ball joints, improved steering, the list goes on...

Here's a recently built 2500 pre-runner that I'd like to emulate someday:

Linky 2
Linky 1

Hope that helps you...
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