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My dad did that with his 80's model S-10 when we used to live in Massachusetts. As long as you're not being stupid while you're driving it (and it sounds like you are not stupid), everything should be fine by putting the extra weight in the truck.

If you get what you NEED out of this truck, then later on in life you can always get what you WANT!

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Just so you know....I know I got a deal but this was from a dealership whom I had no connections with. I got a 1994 (new body style) Chevy S10 regular cab 4x4 pickup with a 4.3 litre VORTEC in great shape with 75,000 miles on it for $7,000 dollars on the nose. Their out there.
but you'll be fine with the 2wd. Just get an air locker for the rear and you'll be psyched.

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