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I don't know if this is the right place to introduce myself and my Jeep, but here goes.
I've had my YJ for about 8.5 years and have done a few mods over the last 3 or so years.
I just had it sandblasted and rock guard painted. Am also getting the original engine (2.5 I-4) completely rebuilt.
My front bumper is .025" water well casing. The bull bar is 4" pipe and is my air tank.
The rear bumper is 6" X 6" X .188" square tubing. I have a tire carrier/winch mount plus
2 - 8.5 liter aux. fuel tanks mounted behind the spare tire. The pivot is a D30 hub bored out,
with a custom machined hollow bolt to hold it together and pass 7 wire trailer cable through it.
In the back I have 3 heavy duty drawers holding (1) a full size tool box, (2) below it I have electrical
tool box plus first aid kit and various cans of spray etc. [Both are 36" long,] (3) is a 30" drawer carrying
spare gas, oil, antifreeze windshield washer, air hose, booster cables and a variety of Milwaukee impacts,
drill etc. Both bumpers carry recovery gear. In front of the short drawer are a pair of golf cart batteries.
They are the main power for the Smittybilt air compressor, 600 watt pure sine wave inverter and rear winch..
At present, I'm getting an 8.8 to replace the D35 which has a Detroit Truetrac with 4.10:1. I'll have it for sale in a few weeks once I have the 8.8 installed, which has a factory limited slip and
same gearing.
If anybody is interested in doing something like what I've done or is interested in my D35, they can contact me.
I'm in Calgary Alberta

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