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Got a question for any K5 guru who may shine some light on this issue. I have the possibility to by an 87 K5, nicely lifted and freshly rebuilt. I am in Costa Rica and it isn't to hard to get a cars registration switched around when importing a car. Though the rig is EXTREMELY SWEET, the vendor tells me it's an 87, Canadian Special Edition with a full length fiberglass top. As far as I know, this top ceased production in the late 70's opting for a split steel/fiberglass top. Can anybody out there in offroad land shine some light on this?



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Not too sure what a "Canadian Special Edition" is.. All K5 Blazer came with removeable tops. Here's the years:

69-72 old body, full top
73-75 new body, full top
75-91 new body, half top

The grill changed after 80. The full top means you just have the windshield and nothing is over the driver/passenger. The half top still covers the driver when removed.

I have seen some custom 76 and newer K5's where front steel top was cut off to be more like a 73-75 K5. Maybe this is what happened to the 87 you're looking at.

87 K5
few mods

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