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1983 110 CSW for sale

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Hello all. Sorry to spam your forum, but thought some of you may like to know I am selling me 1983 V8 110 CSW. It is in pretty good condition. I have owned her for many years, but have to sell her as I have run out of space! I now have a 130. And a Discovery. And a Defender. Two Series. Oh, and a 4.6 Classic. So not much room....

Anyway... She has been parked up for a few months (can't afford to insure them all) so will be given a fresh MoT when sold. I work for a Land Rover specialist so can prepare the vehicle to the buyers specifications, e.g. tyres, winch, etc. I can also load it to the roof with spares. For this reason price is negotiable. This is a private sale, not sold as a trader.

For piccies click bellow. PM if interested.

Flickr: Spacemutt's Photostream
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Oh yeah, just to add a Tdi conversion can be done if prefered. But all depends on price. I am waiting for daylight to get some interior pics. :p It's dark when I leave and dark when I get home. Roll on summer.....
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