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I recently purchased an IH 1970 Scout 800 and I was wondering if it was worth it to convert to power brakes and steering. If so, how do I go about doing this. Also, I have the straight 6 3.8L engine with its connecting automatic transmission and I was wondering if parts are availabe, and where to get them.

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Converting it to power everything is always nice. I know when I drive my 800 around for a 3 day weekend I get tired of driveing it.
But Converting to Power brakes is easier than the steering. You just have to add a brake booster and maybe a poportioning valve to even out the pressure. As far as the steering. You will have to have all the brackets for the PS pump to mount. Then you will have to change out the steering box to one that will accept the pressure and return lines. So it kinda more involved then you think.

Also I think you were miss informed about the engine size unless it has been replaced by someone. It should be a 258ci or 4.0L. If its the 6cyl then its an AMC motor with parts are available almost anywhere.

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