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Hi all!
I just acquired a 57 Willys pickup from a fellow who had it on a ranch for many years (20+). They sold it because they couldn't get a good pedal on the brakes.
I got it home and here's what I found:
They had scrapped the original master cylinder in favor of a power booster and dual master cylinder.
The problem is, they used a disc/drum master and a 10 lb residual pressure valve for the front and rear. They also had the front wheel cylinders (1 1/8" bore) on the rear wheels and the rear cylinders (1" bore) on the front. They also had the shoes mismatched on all 4 wheels. They put 2 primary shoes together on the drivers front and rear while the secondary shoes were on the passenger side.
I have since put everything back the way it should go. I even replaced the master cylinder with a 69 chevy mc with a 1" bore replumbed a couple of leaking lines and I cannot get the pedal grab until it hits the floor.

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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