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16v in and running! Thanks!

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The 16v is in and running. We still have exhaust work to do yet so it hasn't been road tested but it sounds great. There's still a lot to clean up (engine compartment doesn't quite look like Crow's) and even a few things to bolt down but we are happy. I haven't swapped an engine since I was a kid. It was a lot of work!

Thank all of you for your posts of technical info and encouragement. I would specifically like to thank a few, and there are many more:

BillyBobCA for all his posts on the swap,

Rich D for his encouragement, tips and posts,

AfterMarket4x4 for his posts and the technical articles he has on his site ,

Whazoo for all his posts (I got unexpected help otherwise he would have done the wiring harness),

Brent at Trail Tough for the excellent adapter kit and the tech info he has on his site,

Figmo at Roadless Gear for getting me the kit with just an e-mail,

Rick and Ben who went way out of their way to get us a wiring diagram one night late,

Sean White for his Off-Road article on the swap,

My wife and kid for all their help and support,

And especially Tazuki for spending his vacation time to help me get it done! There's no way I could have gotten it done as inexpensively without him. He worked long and hard, came up with some great ideas and made some really long days enjoyable and fun. People have mentioned on the board how this little vehicle brings people together like no other vehicle and it's true. He has put up with our pets (ALL of them), our family weirdness, my sense of humor and uh... well... some other things. He's an exceptional man and we're very fortunate to know him and call him friend. (Although I don't know if I can forgive him for aiding and abetting my wife in ripping out the kitchen cabinets while I was at work…)

Thanks to all.

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