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151 to 231 swap....

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Okay, I have decided not to do the 44/360/400 swap due to timing, costs, etc. However, I have free access to a 231 Chevy V6. I have the 151 Pontiac motor and was curious on:

1) can I keep the current transmission. It would be completely temporary until I relocate to my new job and get the time to put some more money into it (lift, tires, transmission, etc.)

2) what motor mounts can/should I use. The motor came out of a Camaro.

3) how truely easy is it.

Basically, I would like to do the swap over a weekend in three weeks IF I can do it. If not, I will drag the motor and trans up the road when I move. Let me know

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The transmission might hold up to the V6 if you're not rough on it until you get a chance to replace it. This is one of those Your
Mileage May Vary areas. People have put in V8s and had the SR-4 live for periods of time, but not usually.

You say Chevy 231 V6. The Chevy 3.8 litre engine is 229 cid., the Buick 3.8 litre is 231 cid. Are you sure you have the Chevy
engine? The bellhousing bolt pattern for your Pontiac Iron Duke matches the Chevy, not the Buick. I know you can get an adapter
ring for like $50 from P.A.W. to use the Buick engine with a Chevy pattern auto trans, but I don't know if they work for manuals.

For motor mounts, I would try the Advance Adapters Chevy Small Block to Jeep CJ motor mounts. The bomb-proof mounts from
M.O.R.E will probaly work as well.

I can't tell you how hard/easy it is, as I have not done mine yet!

Jim Kyser
[email protected]
1946 Willys CJ-2A (soon to have a Buick V6)

Jim Kyser
[email protected]
1946 Willys CJ-2A
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Good question...

All I know is that it came out of a Camaro and had a TH350 hooked upto it. I plan to get some motor mounts here directly. I know someone who made their own and use normal Chevy II motor mounts in the area. He might be able to sell me a set for cheap. Thanks for your help, and I will recheck everything this weekend.....
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