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15->20 gallon conversion tommorow

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Welp, i've decided that since up here in cleveland, its only getting colder that i may go and drop my tank and turn it into a 15 gallon, i've read obi-wans way of doing it and pretty sure i can do it, the only thing is the hose i have to cut, do i have to put it back in? i've read where people haven't, any experiences or anyone do it and found an easyier way than obi-wans? any tips or hints would be great thanks!

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It only took me about 30 minutes. One that helped me get the socket on the clamp was to grab the hose and twist it until it was at an angle that was easy to get to.

I have a problem with my gauge now, but it fills up to around 22 gallons.

You don't necessarilly have to drop the tank. You can manage up there without. I also found it much easier to insert a socket into the tube and then use a vise grip to grab the outside of the tube. And then pull and twist. My tank fill up to 19-19.5 gallons. I wouldn't go beyond.You have to leave room for vapor and expansion and contraction.

I did mine without dropping the tank also. I would not leave the hose out because it provides additional strength to the fitting on the tank. I used a small tape measure to keep track of how much of the hose was left in the tank as I pulled it out and stopped short of pulling it all the way out. The socket and vise grips sounds like a good way to pull it out.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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