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10 to 14 bolt diff swap...make a k1500 a k2500???

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Currently I have a '90 k1500 and have had the worst luck finding a 10 bolt 4wd rear axle with 3.42's and posi. So my newest idea is to try and get a 14 bolt (3/4 ton light duty 6 lug) rear axle so then I can pound on it a bit more
But do those 6 lug 2500 axles have different wheel mounting surface distances (depending on 2 or 4wd) just like the stupid 10 bolts???

I'd like to go to 3.73 gears so that'd mean a swap up front too. Are the k1500 front diffs the same? While I'm at it what would it take to convert to the larger front brakes?? What about the CV axles, torsrions bars etc??? How difficult would a swap like this be?? Whats the same and what would I have to replace?? Remember I'd like to swap to the light duty 2500 drive, not the heavy duty 8 lug. All help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks-Scotty
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light duty 3/4s have the 14sf rear and the halfton front end. youd be just swapping the rear axle, just swappin the rear 14sf in would make it a light 3/4,

spring pad widths shoulod be the same, from 89 and newer
Re: 10 to 14 bolt diff swap...make a k1500 a k2500

i think it would be cheaper to go with the 14b sf axle, its pletny strong and has the right lug pattern, that way you dont have to buy 2 new wheels that dont match your older faded front ones, you wouldnt have to cary two spares. and you can still rotate your tires.

those 14 sf axle go for around 400.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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