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Well, it's got to go. Eats up way to much room in the gayrodge. And I hardly use it. It's a trailer. Rear half of a Sammy. Pretty cool.

After seeing Tim Hardy's trailer, we figured we'd build one to carry our luggage to Moab. Yankee Bob and I put well over 100 hours each in building this. Yeah, I know, exercise in idiocy. But it is a sweet li'l trailer, and definately a one of a kind.

It's been to Moab twice, as well as several eastern 4x4 events, so I know it's very roadable. Here's the specs.

Trailer is fully registered and transferrable. Homebuilt, with a VIN issued by the NYS DMV, so you can register it in any state.

It's SPOA, running 31x10.50 Goodyear Wranglers ATS on stock silver rims.

It has full functioning lights and harness.

The front is 1/8" diamondplate, and has a cooler storage shelf on the draw bar. The body is painted white, and diamondplate and fenderflares are black. There is a removable vinyl duster cover (black) using stock snaps.

The draw bar has interchangable couplings, one for a 2" ball (road), the other for a pintle (trails). Both couplings are included, along with a combo Ball/Pintle hitch for a 2" receiver (the couplings and hitch alone are $200 in parts).

It has a custom rear bumper that doubles as a trailer rest (just tilt it backwards). The spare tire mount has been removed, but is included in the asking price.

Runs stock axles, well, not exactly. The stock shafts remain and the diff is gone. The axles are now supported by LARGE sealed bearings. The ends were tapped and bearing retainers added. The banjo hole hosts a diamond plate cover, with a big ole' Suzuki 'S' in red for all to see from behind. New Suzuki bearings were used on shaft. Brakes were removed, and wheel flanges were added.

Ummm, bed has a spray-in liner, and the undercarriage has rubberized undercoating.

Did I mention it's neato?

Well, if you want an ultimate Zook toy, here it is.

Asking $900, you drive it away.


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That is pretty cool... EBAY IT!

I got a small zook-sized trailer too... I'll post a pic when I get back to my home computer... but yours is way cooler than mine.
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