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1 LOCKER - Front or Rear

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Gona be putting Wagoneer or Scout D44's on next year! For the time being I would like to put a locker In for this year I think something like the
Gearless or E-Z locker so as not to cause a carrier changeout and extra work. Over winter when I build the D44's I'll be using ARB's F/R. So I was
thinking I'd possiable put one just in the D30 front for now, my thinking is it would cause no additional onroad handling concerns at all and the extra
pulling power up front out weighs any steering quirks of a front locker. Just did my SOA and added the 33" TSL's don't want my buds on the trail giving
me a hard time if you know what I mean ;) I'm always their anchor by getting them out! they test my Platinum 9000 alot too ;) So lets hear it Lock the
Front or Rear which will give me the best traction, trail mostly in the Rocky Mountains with lots of hill and or rocky climbing with mud thrown in to make
it interesting.

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some will argue this, but if you run just one locker put it in the rear. you will like it much better than in the front. and it will get you farther up the trail with less problems.

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i agree with Dan... put it in the rear.
as you go up hill, the rear wheels are weighted more than the fronts, and therefore it should help you more there. Also the weight transfer when you step on the gas (think rear wheel drive drag car, vs. Front wheel drive drag car)

just my .02

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I would deffinitely go with the rear. the front doesnt help much on steep trails as was stated in the other post due to more of your weight on the rear end. I use a Detroit in the rear, unless Im on an extremely tough trail I may not hit the ARB all day.
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In my experience, nessecity dictated a locker go in the front first... (I blew the front end apart accidently) And the difference was night and day. Suddenly I could romp in the mud and power my way through obsticals that previously I couldn't think of making... I'd concluded that I didn't want / need a rear locker, but when offered a lockright for $50, I figured I'd go for it. And I really didn't notice any big difference... I could go farther in 2wd, yes, but I still needed to lock in the front, and it didn't really seem to affect the traction in 4wd any... Some, but not as much as the front. Now, I don't crawl rocks, or what not, but the biggest thing the rear locker did was spin a hub... ;)
I'd get the front...
just my .02

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You don't have your profile filled out so I can't see what Jeep your running. Do you have a OEM trash-loc out back? If so, it's really a no brainer. Lock it up front and drop in the new disc pack on your T/L. Their typically not very effective if they have much wear on 'em.

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I have to throw my vote in with the guys that say lock the REAR first. But, keep in mind you will need to really torque down the axle nuts on the 2 piece rear axles if your still running them (factory spec is 250 ft lbs or more...i'd go tighter than that). Otherwise, you'll be lookin' for replacements or shelling out $300 for 1 piece axleshafts...not too cost efficeint if your putting D44s in soon. : ).

I locked my 77CJ7 D30 first b/c I had a Trac loc rear at the time. In retrospect, I think I would have gotten more bang for the buck if I would have locked the rear instead. You seem to get more traction out of the rear, especially going up rocks and hills where all your weight is placed on the rear and your front is up in the air. At least thats my experience. Also, with just a locker up front I sometimes blew axleshaft u-joints on the D30, ocassionally tearing up the ears on the axleshafts...more expense...what else is new
Thats my $.02.

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Rear first. You will go more places in 2 wheel drive that is locked than a lot of guys go with 4 wheel drive and open diffs. the rear does most of the work anyhow. Put it where you get the most bang for the buck. That was my $.04 worth ( inflation, don't let Greenspan know )


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