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1\" Body Lift

Man am I glad I read all the posts about Body Lifts!!! My buddy almost had me convinced to get 3" body lift spacers. This site is a gold-mine of information and God bless the search button!!!

I'm going to go with the 1" body lift and I allready have some homemade 4" shackels (lifted the YJ 2.25")

I'll post some pics of before and after the 1" body lift when I'm done.

(My logo shows the current lift with 4" shackels and 32" tires)

I want to run 33's or 34's in about 6 months when the last of the tread falls off the current tires.

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Re: 1\" Body Lift

I'd never seen this before, until my buddy bought a YJ but the P.O. had put add-a-leafs at all four corners about mid allowed the fitment of 33's and even with a little bit of room to move. I don't know of any downfalls of this configuration, but it did ride really rough until he got them to flex a little bit. It may be another option for you on you quest to bigger tires.
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