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1.6 vs 1.8 Sidekick question

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Keeping my eye out for a 4 dr. track/kick to mod to light trail use/ daily driver like Luvmyzuki is currently doing (minor lift, 30" tires etc). The tintop is perfect but just too small for some of our outings.

Is the 1.8 in the Sport model worth going for or not enough difference to bother? Not crazy about the cladding on the Sport but I like the idea of the wider stance.

I know it should have more power but can anyone tell me if it's a noticeable amount?

Thanks for your thoughts
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Thanks for the offers guys! I'm kinda looking for some seat-of-the-pants observations. It would seem that the 25 hp and 20 or so ft/lbs torque should be noticeable but if it's not then why bother?? I know the aftermarket lift stuff like Calmini's arms won't work but I'd probably just drop in some GV or -7 springs if that works out well so I could fit some bigger tires.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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