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Ya Morty...

I've got one in my rig and it's SAAWEET... as pug mentions it did give a little vibration at first (after about 100-150 miles) but I went through and retightened all the mounts and the vibs went away.... now I've got around 300 + miles and am Very Pleased..

NOTE: this is the only kit that I am aware of that allows the 16v engine to angle to the left and down just a touch so that the hood will clear in the stock location.. One thing that I did have to do tho' was grind the output flange on the stock exhaust manifold so that the front exhaust pipe would clear the driver's frame rail on hard acceleration... worked great.. PW's fix for this is to send them your exhaust manifold and they surface it at an angle to gain that extra bit of clearance.... costs around $75 exchg

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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