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ok i have a stock 2004 Dodge Dakota 4.7l V8 it is a 2wd....

and before people come on here saying **** like why do stuff to a 2wd... idc im not planning on doing hardcore off road where i need the 4wd and 2wd is what im stuck with so if u wanna talk **** cause its a 2wd go somewhere else

anyways back to the subject right now im completely stock
i do have the older chasis to where i can fit the 97 suspension lifts on mine

i have a budget of about $3500 and i would like to make this truck able to do some casual desert riding (of course if not all has to be spent i definetly wouldnt complain)

main place i will be going is Ocotillo wells

so if any1 can give me advice on things to buy to where 3500 will bring me to what i need to get to would be greatly appreciated
everything from the lift to get to the type of lights to get (if there is enough to spare of course lights arent necessary)

thank you for all your help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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