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I just bought a 04 Bruin that has a very strange knocking. Guy I bought it from said it sounded like his buddy's grizzly so he never thought anything of it. I have read that some with this problem say it needed a value adjustment. Both stealerships I stopped my said it sound like it was coming from the automatic belt housing area. The second fellow seems to think if the belt is not the problem them could be a piston slap. This was based on the blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when first started. Has anyone else had this knocking sound? What does a piston slap sound like and how bad is that? Will I be needing a new topend in the future? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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there is a coulple things you can do one get a valve adjusment you can pull the head off take it to a shop and have them measure the piston if it has scratchs replace it if its ovaled replace and hone the sleve no matter what you do if you do it before you blow it up it will save your top end from a hole rebuild also get your lifters and cranck checked for ware if your burnning oil your rings are or your vavles need and adjusment or you piston is scartched up only way to find out is to look aslo when you put it back together replace all gaskets itll sound like pinging if your vavles are offf clunking if your piston is bad just have to take a look
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