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Rough Country screwed me over (any help ideas?)

I have 2wd dodge ram and recently bought some lift spindles so i could clear some bigger tires. I bought the spindles, as well as some shocks from rough country. I get the first spindle on the passenger side, and realize it wont even turn more than a couple degrees in either direction. I used a grinder to take off a milimeter of material to alleviate the problem. Then as Im reinstalling the brakes and putting everything back on the new spindle, I realize 2 more problems: 1) the stock brake lines are not long enough and will not let me turn all the way. I realize this is probably not due to poor design and that all 3" spindles will require longer brake lines for this model truck, but THEY NEVER MENTIONED THIS when I went to buy them. 2) the spindle rubs against the rotors and causes a very distrubing noise when the truck rolls. I examined this and sure enough there are metal shavings all aroud the point I suspected the rubbing. WTF. Its almost like these spindles were not even made for this model truck. There were 3 independent problems that kept my truck from turning and rolling without metal on metal scraping. This is unacceptable to me. I was wondering, what can I do about this issue once I have the spindles reshaped and longer brake lines installed. I would like to be able to charge Rough Country for the extra work I had to do as well as the shop that will be installing longer brake lines. Has anyone else had expereince with ****ty products that cost them time and money? I dont really want to return them seeing as Ive already put them on my truck and fixed 2 out of the 3 problems (that and they probably wouldnt take them back after i took a grinder to them - then they wouldnt be able to rebox that **** product and sell to someone else). I was wondering what a fair price to charge them would be? The following things had to be done that shouldnt have had to be done.
1) shape lower ball joint part of knuckles to allow knuckle to rotate
2) shape upper part of spindles to allow rotor to spin without knuckle grinding against rotors.
3) longer brake lines will need to be purchased
4) longer brake lines will need to be installed

The first 2 I consider to be due to defects/****ty product, the second 2 I consider due to false advertising/misrepresentation.

What do you guys think I should go after them for? This project has turned into an ordeal from hell . Thanks
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Re: Rough Country screwed me over (any help ideas?)

I see no one else responded to this so I will. As to the marketing side of it, they are not the people who decide what you need for your vehicle, they are a parts suplier. You need to do research BEFORE attempting to make changes to your vehicle. Simple research would have brought up the fact that you would need longer brake lines, may have also uncovered the other issues before you ran into them, because I am sure their are others who have made the swapp and possibly run into these issues and either post here or somewhere on the net. Do you also expect the parts supplier to tell you if the alterations your making will be legal or not for your given location?? You are aware that it is ENTIRELY illegal to alter your suspension in ANY way in some states, are you not? By that same token they cannot be reasonably expected to know all the possible pitfalls you may run into with any given swap, you have to do your research FIRST.
As to the fit of the product, when you discovered clearance issues, did you stop and CALL the company to verify that you got the correct parts for your vehicle, did you double check that you installed or were installing them correctly, did you DO RESEARCH to discover if anybody else ran into a simialar problem doing a simialar swap??? First thing I do if I run into that type of problem is start researching WHY it is a problem and what is the best route to fixing the problem, not just start grinding away, WHICH by the way is NOT either intelligent or safe when it comes to spindles or other suspension parts. It is one thing to remove a slight surface flaw or casting marks etc, but any amount of hard core grinding to clearance stuff will create heat (alters the metelurgy of the part) and/or weakens it by reducing mass that may be critical in a given area on a part. A fair price to charge them, lol, you wont get a dime my friend, they will tell you the same thing I have. I feel your pain, I have run into my share of "ooops I didn't do enough research before I started this" in my life. You can call and gripe to them but I doubt it will get you anywhere. Anyway, I hope you got it all figured out and have learned a lesson in the fine art of vehicle alterations. Be safe.
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Re: Rough Country screwed me over (any help ideas?

Kraby, this guy posted this same thing before about a month ago. I remember replying to it. So, not a clue if this guy checks back or if its even a legit post.

Edit: He posted it in the General 4x4 forum, that's where I replied.

Anyhow, for anyone reading this thread for info, the original poster neglected to do the necessary research in the entire process involving lifting his truck in regards to the brake line issue.

The only thing RC is responsible for is the research and development of the spindles in question.
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Re: Rough Country screwed me over (any help ideas?

And I am not so sure there is any liability on their part, he may have ordered the wrong parts or had the wrong parts shipped to him. I for one do not start hacking or grinding away at new parts, when they don't fit correctly, until I have investigated all possibilities of wrong parts shippment. I find VERY VERY hard to believe that they would be selling parts that do not fit, they woulda been outta biz a long time ago if they did. But mistakes DO happen and the guys at the warehouse are only human, there may well have been a mix up, but this knoob didn't sound like he checked into that and just started grinding, in which case he is cow poop outta luck [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Rough Country screwed me over (any help ideas?

my guess is the lift required a rim with different back spacing, and that fact got over looked.
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I agree!

in this hobby/sport we must remember "caveat emptor", let the buyer beware! anyone who has never had to step back and say hmm is the luckiest guy in the world. you should expect and anticipate some issues when you modify a vehicle. just do your homework! I put a 4.5" rough country lift on a 95 cherokee, they sent the wrong u bolts( cherokees come with different rear axles) I called them and they rushed me a new set for free and were very good to deal with.
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