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  1. Dirtbike Lounge
    Hey! I’m looking to buy a 18” inches rear wheel for my Honda crf 450R 2018. And I wanna know if a wheel for a Yamaha Yzf will fit my Honda. I do not know if it will fit with some changes, or if it is just not compatible. thanks!
  2. WheelsASAP
    As of recent we been getting this question pretty often. Ultimately the answer to this question depends on what your intended use is for the vehicle. If it's a beater you don't care much about and want to spend the least amount of money you're probably better off with Steel. If it's a rock...
  3. WheelsASAP
    Are you in the market for wheels for sale, fuel wheels, xd wheels, cheap wheels on sale or truck wheels? WheelsASAP is currently running a sale on all Wheels - For a very limited time you can save big on all our wheel brands in addition to our Fast & Free Shipping...
  4. Tire Tips, What Works Best
    I really need help. I am desperately seeking stock rims for a 1973 Jeep Commando. I know most of your guys switch to lifts and bad ass tires. I am just trying to go original and want to use the dog dish hub caps I have... but my rims are shot and I can't find anything online. Can someone please...
  5. General 4X4 and Off-Road
    I loved my Allied beadlocks on my TJ. Beat them with zero thought about hurting them. Also have a set on the Trail Clean up truck. So I picked up a set of their new aluminum "Raceline" beadlocks for the JK. They are 17x9.5 with 4" backspacing. Just got them and snapped a couple of quick...
  6. GM Standard IFS Trucks & SUV's
    I have a 1996 Tahoe, 4d/4WD, with a 2" body lift and have not gotten a definative answer from anyone about the maximum size tire that will fit on my 16x9 rims (with 4.25" backspace)...The closest guess is a 285/75-16. I am looking at the Nitto Terra Grappler. I prefer not to make mods....but...
1-6 of 6 Results