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  1. ATV Lounge
    I am looking at buying a 450r. I want a good reliable ride that has plenty of power. I will mainly spend most of my time on fairly fast trails...maybe do some racing here or there. I have looked at the KFX, TRX, and the YFZ. I have always been a big fan of Honda but want to explore my options...
  2. ATV Lounge
    I just bought an 07 Honda TRX450ER a couple months ago and now when I give it full throttle it has like a slight hesitation or a miss at first and then goes like hell. What could be causing that little miss at first? I put a shot of dry gas and a shot of carb/injector cleaner in when I filled...
  3. ATV Lounge
    Hey guys, I'm looking into buy an '07 Honda 450ER this weekend and I was wondering what things I should look for that typically go bad or have problems. The guy is the original owner and said he has only rode it 10-20 times. Thanks Dan
1-3 of 3 Results